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My Current and Past Research Assistants

Student Research Assistants have been an important part of my academic life.  I am grateful and thankful for such warm, bright and enthusiastic people to share in my research, and for allowing and trusting me to mentor them forward to their future.  The most fundamental hope I have for my students is cultivating the joy in seeking, creating, and being among ideas.   
Raphael's Plato (Cropped from Larger Fresco)

New Research Assistants for 2012-2013

Michael Breske
Jade Austin
Jeffrey Fauber
Max Bukovich
Ellena Sempeles
Emily Whitby

Continuing CNU Student Scholars* 

Dr. Angie "Krom" Fournier
Jacob Midkiff
Ian Muse
Dan Mitteer

The following students conducted research with me. 

Undergraduate Student Research Assistants and Where They are in Graduate School

Christopher Fry
Kim Langlais
Gabrielle Martin
Andrea Rowley
Emily Schulz
Allison Stafford

Custer, Brittany K. 
(Marymount University)
Gruber, Dara (University Of Minnesota)
Mitteer, Dan (University of Nebraska)
Muse, Ian
Smith, J. Casey

Brancroft, Julia Quigley (University of Texas)
Kailos, Whitney
Rosenberg, Randy

Midkiff, Jacob (Prescott College)
Owens, Kristina (University of Florida)
Rice, Christopher
Hoey, Kristie (University of Melborne, Marymount University)
Daghigh, Shyna

Berry, Daniel (Eastern Tennessee State University, MS; Virginia Commonwealth University, PhD)
Humphries, Eric
Riegel, Lisa

Hallheimer, Ashley
Rutter, Jen (George Mason University)
Null, Meghan
Cashman, Shannon
Barksdale, Shea

Smith, Maggie
Campbell, Elise K.
Fauver, Kristen M.
Holsombuck, Ashley
Kissell, Andrea
Rusnak, Shelley

DeRyckere, Stacy
Edbauer, Amanda
Earley, Erin N.
Dubose, Sarah (Clemson University)
Walker, Mathew C.
Mays, David

Steele, Jenny

Allen, Kristie
Bradshaw, Alex
Gancarz, Diane

Olverson, Mike (George Mason University)
Hockensmith, Silva
Paige, Rachel
Ramsey, Lourina
VanMullekom, Todd
Liczbinski, Mellissa
Pierce, Rachael
Troyer, Lauren

Rose, Michele (Old Dominion University)
Tarmy, Gabriel (George Mason University)
Rushing, Pauline
Newton, Morgan
Lynn, Eric

Krom, Angie (Virginia Tech)
Edwards, Stacey
Savage, Lanya
McNear, Carrie
Heath, Patty (Virginia Commonwealth University)
Haium, Jason
Tyree, Seth (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)

Burke, Megan E. (Old Dominion University)
Cawthon, Jonathan 
(American School of Professional Psychology)
Dickens, Angela
Kirlew, Simone
Powell, Chris
Neave, Kristi

O’Brien, Melissa (Virginia Commonwealth University)
Shrake, Pam
Singleton, Samantha
Walker, Ashlie

1997 (My first RAs at CNU)
Tucker, Beatrice
Wirth, Abbie

1992 - 1994 (My RAs at Virginia Tech)
Kline, Keith (University of Knoxville)
Stephenson, Robert L. (Pepperdine University)
Futch, C. J. (Michigan State University)
Glago, Karen D.
Scott, Rayne N.
Maglietta, D.
Woolfolk, H. D.

Graduate Student Research Assistants

Karmolinski, David

Nipps, Thomas

Smith, Lisa
Outten, Tanya
Kozawa, Masako

Mesmer, Jessica 
(Florida International University, PhD)
Iliescu, Sorena
Fransisco, Ana
Goodbar, Bill
Amadure, Anthony
Swenson, Tina J.

Wilson, Kirk
Mitchell, Morry
Card, Linda
Berrios, Debra

Whipple, Catherine