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Asking for Letter of Recommendation?

If you seek a professional recommendation from me, there are different types of recommendations that are offered. See the different Recommendation Types below and determine which type applies to you.

In general, professors expect to be asked for recommendations, it is both a pleasure and extra work to write recommendations for students.  

To better facilitate the recommendation process and perhaps enhance your own recommendation follow these general instructions:  


(a) When asking for recommendation come prepared, know specifics about who and what of the graduate program or employer. At the beginning of the process, I usually have some initial questions about the program or position. 

(b) If I agree to give you a recommendation, you should have a plan in place.  You should know specific information about the application, such as requirements and deadlines. 

(c) Please consider how much time you are giving me to write and send your letter of recommendation.  Do not wait to the last minute and expect me to rush in writing your recommendation.  Thus, prepare and plan ahead. 

(d) My desire is to write the best letter of recommendation I can for you.  Thus, when selecting a Recommendation Type follow the instructions carefully.  Good Luck.


Recommendation Types (See Below)

Kusakabe Kimbei (1841 - 1934)