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Research and Scholarship

Dr. Berry (Thomas) conducts research and design at Christopher Newport University, VA.  As Director of Applied Psychology Labs (APLABS) he is the principal investigator, designer, coordinator and mentor.  His research focuses on health-safety, well-being, and self-optimality issues from a design / built approach, and how psychological principles and evidence-based design (EBD) informs solutions.  As both a researcher and designer, Tom uses multiple forms of experimental, field and naturalistic methodologies, as well as the emergent and creative processes of fabricating, constructing, landscaping, and drawing human-centered structures and objects. 

APLABS is located in Forbes Hall, Room 2064; e-mail: berry@cnu.edu and APLABS4@gmail.com.  

Current Research Projects (See Vita - See Portfolio)

  • Respiratory Hygiene and Repertoires of Risk & Health of University Students

  • Hand Hygiene and Pathogen Control as Function of Behavior-Design Interactions (BDI)
  • Unpacking Driver Speed(ing) Dynamic as a Function of Many Structures, Designs, and Social Inputs
  • Refrigerator Reformulation: A Nexus Hub for Social-Personality, Eating, Wellness and Obesity Entanglements
  • Architectural Competitions: The Telling of Icons
  • Sustainability Ability: Environmental Actively Caring
  • PARTI: Product-Art Re-Think Initiative (ReUse of ReFuse)
  • ReThinking the Mid-20th Century Middle-Class Ranch House


Student Research Assistants have been an important part of my academic life. I am grateful and thankful for such warm, bright and enthusiastic people to share in my research, and for allowing and trusting me to mentor them forward to their future. The most fundamental hope I have for my students is cultivating the joy in seeking, creating, and being among ideas. I am pleased to say many students have left my lab to enter graduate school, and achieve masters and doctorate degrees.

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