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Performance Conditioning & Sport Psychology Field Lab

        The PC-SP field lab is an interdisciplinary approach to athlete practice and science.  Coach Sean Conaty and Dr. Thomas Berry are co-PIs (Principal Investigators) seeking how physical factors (e.g., biomechanics, kinesiology, & physiology) interact with psychological factors (i.e., attitudes, traits, habits and emotions) to form competent nervous systems for the purpose of athletic high performance.  Working with college athletes, our primary mission is to provide an athlete focused practice that enhances sport related outcomes, while protecting athletes from exercise and game injuries.   

        Additionally, PC-SP is an organization in the pursuit of exercise and conditioning science and training, as well as advancing the field of sport psychology.  To that end, PC-SP develops scholarship and research for the purpose of publication and dissemination.  Also, PC-SP activities include mentoring CNU students and interns as research assistants for the purpose of their professional development in preparation for applying to graduate schools, medical programs, and careers in exercise-conditioning performance.