Environmental & Design Psychology Field Lab

        We examine how the structured world influences our cognition, behavior and emotions.  We recognize that structures are superintended by policy makers, engineers, architects and designers.   However, the built and arranged world by superintendents often have both intended and unintended consequences.  Recently, our investigations target structures that influence a person's health, creativity, and environment.  

        For instance, rather than address obesity and overweight issues from attitudinal, motivational or willful approach, we examine a person's home environment by seeking environmental features related to the behavior of eating.  Thus, we have examined a common kitchen appliance, the Refrigerator.  By assessing a refrigerator's structural features and then assess how person tends to use the refrigerator - we gain a better understanding how such designed-appliances influence our eating patterns and tendencies.   We call this a Behavior-Design Interaction (BDI). 

Research Projects

  • Refrigerator Reformulation: A Nexus Hub for Social-Personality, Eating, Wellness and Obesity Entanglements
  • Architectural Competitions: The Telling of Icons
  • Sustainability Ability: Environmental Actively Caring
  • PARTI: Product-Art Re-Think Initiative (ReUse of ReFuse)
  • ReThinking the Mid-20th Century Middle-Class Ranch House

Design, Build and Art Projects